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20 years Brisas

With over 20 years of history, we have quite some stories to tell. From how it all began to where we are now. We have written down our history, some anecdotes, funny stories and personal memoires in small chapters. We hope you enjoy reading them!

It all started more than 20 years ago......

Margit and Herbert said goodbye to their cozy basement bar called 'Markt 15' in the German Town of Krefeld-Hüls at the town market square.
This mellow place was situated inside the historical monumental Schultheissenhaus, which was build back in 1667. During many years this place attracted many people from near and far, even famous people and politicians who enjoyed traditional hearty dishes, musik and events... But still, something was just missing there in cold and rainy Germany... 


Pato Verde - La Olla - Brisas

And so, in 1998 first they took over the old 'pato verde' (nowadays mosquito) but already one year later they switched to 'La Olla’. This  snuggly place located at Cala Agulla just seemed perfect to continue a business 'old style' as 'Markt 15' Another year later, at the end of season a unique oportunity came in. The Spanish owners of the restaurant right next to it, retired and so they sold the business 'Restaurante Brisas'. There was no doubt of what to do... 

Brisas (Jahr 2000/2001)

The 'new' Brisas (2000-2001) attracted during more than a decade guests from around the world, especially from Germany. Freshly prepared Schnitzel (scallops), served with different sauces, all of course homemade, seasonal and local dishes like fresh mediterranean fish and not to forget our typical german sausage called 'Currywurst' served with a cold beer while watching your favorite Sports on the screen. With back then no one else around offering the same, this was a big success. So one day one of Margit's son's came to run the 'La Olla exclusively as a sportsbar, while Margit and Herbert took care of the restaurant, she worked in service and he swung the pan's around in the kitchen...

TV Show

But at some point bussiness slowed down, then the financial crisis came and most places around shut down. Family probems and disagreements didn't really help either and so it came they accepted help from a German TV 'chef' back in January 2012. Boy did that turn out differently as thought. Restaurante Brisas was close to closing down... Some drastical changes were needed. Margit and her son kept 'La Olla' and Herbert kept the Restaurant, taking charge of the debts. That was when he called his daughte, to ask if she'd like to come over...

Brisas Del Mar 2013

Brisas - Brisas Del Mar
In  the following years 'Brisas' made a new start, called 'BRISAS DEL MAR'! Many tough decisions had to be taken. A Dutch TV show also showed interest and so we shut down for 3 days for some make over. 2 years later we completely transformed the look of the restaurant. The Management and also employees changed. Nowadays Brisas Del Mar is run by the second generation. Realising that the old way to run a business, was completely outdated, new questions arised. Who are we? Why do we do what we are doing? What do we stand for? Now Brisas Del Mar is an ever changing place, while charishing some traditions that never outdate.

The traditional gastronomy formula (good food + friendly service + fair prices = succes) has transformed. Simply being ‘good’ is not enough anymore to survive. We adapt to those changes of our surroundings and time. We experiment, reflect, innovate, try new things and see what we can improve. The wellbeing, needs and wishes of our guests, team and environment, being the center of all decisions.  (See below for our Mission, Vision and Values.)

kind regards, your Brisas Del MAr Team

the Brisas Del Mar Team

"I like my work in the hospitality industry, working in nature and being creative."
I like to take care of the details
"live the present and never look back..."

"live, fight, dream, travel and repeat"
I love to go fishing
"I love to work with people. I've already fulfilled my dreams and when my creative side comes out, my garden and my home are my place to go, there I find tranquility again"
my hobby is fishing
"i love to transform creative ideas into reality, a positive work-flow, mental challenges and meditation. My big passion is travelling!"

our mission

Uniting generations by sharing gastronomical traditions and innovations in a warm ambience.

our vision

Being a point of reference for as both locals as tourists, for moments of relax, indulgence and positivity. And for employees a great place to learn, have fun and grow personally as well as professionally.

our values

Tradition & Innovation

Our philosophy is to charish old traditions which make us feel home, whilest embracing a constantly changing world. To keep improving and create a strong bond between past, present and future generations.


We encourage to use the power of imagination to think out of the box, so we can solve any problem or challenge we might face, right away. This helps us in our dedication to fulfill our guests wishes and needs.


We deliver on our promise to serve no-nonsense, real and tasty food and drinks at an affordable price.


Every team-member is responsible of ensuring our guests well-being and is held accountable to reduce waste, make better use of our resources and create a clean, safe and enjoyable environment.


We treat our guests, colleagues, family & friends with respect, honesty and dignity. We celebrate diversity and value the opinions of others. Their point of view helps us to think from another persepective, reflect and improve.